We at 1tap are looking for new colleagues. We are part of the award-winning SaaS company Receipt Bank - despite the name, we’re not a bank. Our founders claim we’re one of the fastest growing startups in Europe. Looking at the stats we believe them.

If you feel at home with things like support vector machines, k-means clustering and neural networks, you will certainly enjoy developing solutions alongside us.

We use a Python 3.5 based stack with all of the relevant ecosystem tools like NumPy, Scipy, Scikit-learn, Pandas, OpenCV and others. We’d also like to do more serious testing with TensorFlow, Theano, word2vec and other deep learning technologies.

The data needed for analysis and training is already present – more than 20 million documents have their data correctly extracted and verified (mostly manually). We’re also in the process of building a powerful playground, where you can develop an algorithm, test it quickly in the cloud and get a detailed accuracy report.

Our processes are well structured and quick – getting something from prototype in production can be done in a single day.